Cemfloor Liquid Screed

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Cemfloor Liquid Screed

Buxton Flow Screeds also offer very high grade floor screeds from Cemfloor. Cemfloor’s standard liquid screed solution is a cement based liquid screed. This free flowing screed can be pumped and installed quickly up to 2000m2 per day making it perfect for large jobs although the finish on all sizes of project using Cemfloor products is exemplary.

Other products in the Cemfloor range are:

Cemfloor Therm – perfect for use with underfloor heating .
Cemfloor NH – quick drying, high performance. Can receive footfall in as little as 24-48 hours with minimal shrinkage.
Cemfloor HPC  – high performance, self compacting concrete which is mainly used where more durable floor slabs are required.

Our experts can advise you on which product is best for your project. Get in touch with our team today to request a free Cemfloor liquid screeding quote and consultation.

Cemfloor at home

Cemfloor provides the ideal solution for the domestic floor market. Its flowing properties make it easy and fast to install, and yet it is based on Cement and therefore has none of the concerns inherent with other flowing screeds. There are no special measures required before applying adhesives or floor finishes to it and, as an added bonus, it dries relatively quickly when compared to other flowing or “ordinary” screed materials.

Cemfloor at work

Cemfloor ticks all the boxes and it has been developed for optimum speed and suitable for bonded, unbonded and floating screeds. Cemfloor Screed is an ideal solution for commercial projects and is produced in accordance with BS EN 13813:2002 screed material and floor screeds.

The installation time of Cemfloor screed is much less than that of traditional sand and cement screeds; therefore, the building time of the project is greatly reduced. Cemfloor can also be foot trafficked after 24 hours allowing other trades to continue working on the project after the screed has been installed. 

Cemfloor Quality

At Cemfloor their main goal is to provide a consistent, high-quality product every time it is installed. To ensure this, they undergo rigorous testing at each stage of the production process to ensure that Cemfloor satisfies the needs of our customers in Norfolk requiring liquid screeds and free flowing concrete. 

Cemfloor is only produced in mixing plants which have obtained ISO 9001 accreditation. All Cemfloor screed material and floor screeds are produced in accordance with BS EN 13813:2002.

Cemfloor Sustainability

Cemfloor is certified to ISO 14001. They strive to have consideration and respect for the environment at all times. Cemfloor comply with their legal obligations with regards to the environment, some of which are listed below:

  • European Communities Environmental Objectives (Groundwater) Regulations 2010 and (Amendment) Regulations 2011, 2012
  • Waste Management (Landfill Levy) Regulations 2011 and (Amendment) Regulations 2012
  • Sulphur Content of Heavy Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, and Marine Fuels Regulations 2008, (Amendment) Regulations 2011 and European Communities Act, 1972 (Environmental Specifications for Petrol, Diesel Fuels and Gas Oils for use by non-road mobile machinery, including inland waterway vessels, agricultural and forestry tractors, and recreational craft) Regulations 2011 and (Amendment) Regulations 2012
  • Planning Conditions
  • Air Emissions Licence
  • Trade Effluent Discharge Licence

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